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This web site was not created for profit but created only to communicate or demonstrate antenna performance. The site has been here for years but without content until late 2011. Being for informative, non-profit causes we can add content gradually as time permits. Late 2011 marks the real beginning of this endeavor which was on the mind for decades.

Why is a site like this needed?

The public, antenna users, experimenters, and others are at the mercy of an antenna maker's or seller's performance figures. Users have to real way of knowing the truth about the antenna, cable assembly or device they are about to install or spent hours or money installing. Most antennas are sold based on the performance figures: figures that fill a need for the user's requirements for a particular communication radio link. Many antennas are designed and fabricated to order, meet stringent requirements and included in/with a major brand equipment manufacturer wireless device. This site is not examining those antennas. This site is examining antennas available on their own, with or without gain figures to be used on existing equipment.

Why was this site created?

To increase truth and fairness among antenna sellers on the market. There are a certain number of antennas on sale with erroneous and/or inflated and misleading gain performance claims.

Who is our intended audience?

This site, at present, is not about teaching antenna theory or how to read the polar charts, directivity patterns and gain figures. Those details may come later because a reader can simply use Google for that immediately and get a huge array of results with excellent information. This site, at present is for those who understand the charts presented. Its also for those who are looking at and comparing gain numbers between antennas.

Why is there no antenna name and model information?

As this site starts up it is under construction while plans and ideas are evolving. There are going to be many antennas found to meet the advertised claims. There will also be some which will have the advertised performance data exposed as incorrect or misleading. Our data is factual and without intent to cause harm, however we must wait for clearance from our legal department before showing brand info, whether a great or terrible antenna is measured.

How soon will more antennas be added?

It is impossible to estimate. Sometimes the test chamber is freed up after a few days testing on a 1.8 or 2.1GHZ project and we can toss in some 1.9GHz cellular antennas and collect data. The early focus is on Wi-Fi and cellular antennas. There is lots to do there. Maybe 2 or 3 antennas per month might be added.

What if I want an antenna tested?

Once we are easier to contact and cleared by the legal eagles, we will consider antennas submitted for inclusion here, on the truth site.